My Autoplay

My Autoplay

My Autoplay is a program designed for creating powerful autoplay menus
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My Autoplay is a piece of software that will help you easily create auto-run menus, slide-shows, interactive presentations, E-books, CD presentations, photo albums, and many other simillar types of animated display. The program is intended at users in the fields of design, photography, PR, and marketing, but regular home users can also easily use it, as well.

With this program, you are able to deftly insert images, videos, music, flash objects, PDF files, and other preferred content into your presentations. You are also able to insert and setup functions for objects such as buttons, labels, timers, combo boxes, list boxes, and others, so as to customize the output of the project in order to make it more interactive. The list of available options is quite impressive. You are even allowed to insert YouTube and Internet Explorer objects into your slides, which means that you can browse the Internet from inside your presentation, or stream online content within it. You can also assign several actions to objects, such as "popup message," "jump to page," "send email," "play movie file," "restart computer," etc.

To conclude with, My Autoplay constituted a crafty tool that allows a wide range of user to create complex presentations, slide-shows, E-books etc., without spending a lot of time or effort on the process.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy to use
  • 20 different object types to choose from, including Youtube, Flash, PDF
  • No programming experience is needed.


  • None.
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